New Scala books

One of the signs of a healthy language is the large number of books written on the subject. Last month saw the release of Scala for the Impatient, an excellent introduction to the language for programmers who already know a language like Java, C# or Ruby. If you’ve been thinking about learning Scala this is a no-nonsense introduction.

Next month will see the release of Scala in Depth, which makes for an excellent second book on the subject, focusing on best practices, not unlike Josh Bloch’s Effective Java Programming.

A third new book being published soon is Scala in Action which is slated for release in July.

[EDIT: See the comments section for details on more Scala books about to be published which I missed!]

The existing collection of books on Scala is already impressive and includes:
Programming in Scala (Odersky 2nd Ed.) An excellent book to understand the “why” as much as the “how”
Programming Scala (O’Reilly)
Programming Scala (Pragmatic Series)

It would be nice to see an updated or new book coming out on the 2nd version of the Play Framework

Another opportunity for a new book would be a Scala cookbook including examples using the standard libraries as well as third party libraries.


5 thoughts on “New Scala books

  1. There are already two books about to be released, one focused on play framework and scala, by peter hilton (@PeterHilton), and another focusing on the java API (by Nicolas Leroux, if I’m not mistaken…)

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