Scala books being published at quite a rate

Since it emerged that Twitter was using Scala the number of books on the subject has risen dramatically. Today there are no fewer than 14 books either published or about to be published on the topic of Scala. I’ve previously blogged about Scala books, but since then I’ve found that the list I provided was incomplete and that new Scala books are being published at quite a rate, so I missed some.

The following list of 14 Scala books [update:added another book] should be exhaustive, but if you know of any Scala books that I left out feel free to add a note in the comments or discuss which is your favourite.

  1. Scala for the Impatient perhaps the best book for learning Scala
  2. Programming in Scala Detailed coverage by Martin Odersky himself
  3. Play for Scala (covers version 2)
  4. Scala in Depth
  5. Programming Scala Scalability = Functional Programming + Objects (Animal Guide)
  6. Programming Scala Tackle Multi-Core Complexity on the Java Virtual Machine
  7. Actors in Scala
  8. Scala in Action
  9. Lift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala
  10. The Definitive Guide to Lift: A Scala-based Web Framework
  11. Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala (Textbook)
  12. Functional Programming in Scala
  13. Steps in Scala: An Introduction to Object-Functional Programming
  14. Beginning Scala

I didn’t count this one, but note that there’s also a book on Play (2) for Java


3 thoughts on “Scala books being published at quite a rate

  1. Venkat Subramaniam’s “Programming Concurrency on the JVM” covers Java, Scala and Clojure. In covering the Akka library (written in Scala), this book has a number of sections and examples in Scala, so you might include it here as well.

  2. There’s “Beginning Scala”, by David Pollack (APress). Also a chapter on Scala in Bruce Tate’s “Seven Languages in Seven Weeks” (Pragmatic Programmers).

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