Downloads of Scala plugin for IntelliJ rocket upwards

JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDE ( is widely regarded as the best dev. environment for Scala. I’ve been very happy with the combination of the Apache-licensed free version of IntelliJ + the Scala plugin. The plugin download centre of IntelliJ provides cumulative download numbers for their various plugins. Over the last year I’ve noticed a very interesting trend. Between mid January and mid March of 2012 there were approximately 6,000 new downloads of the Scala plugin. The rate at which the cumulative download count is growing has rocketed up dramatically over the last several months. Between mid August and mid October the Scala plugin was downloaded 90,000 times. This increase represents a 15x increase in the download rate vs the same period just 7 months earlier. With the total number of downloads to date sitting at over 318,000 the Scala plugin is now the most popular plugin for IntelliJ by a very wide margin. 

I’ve plotted some of the data I gather manually from their update centre (note that April is missing as I didn’t take any samples during that month). The dramatic increase in the download rate is very clear: