Many new Scala books being published

I haven’t updated my blog for a few months now, mostly because I’ve been too busy writing Scala code! The number of high quality Scala books being published has continued to swell since the last time I blogged about this topic, which bodes well for the Scala community. I’ve updated the list of Scala books to include ten new books: Scala Cookbook, Testing in Scala, Learning Scala, Atomic Scala, Akka in Action, Effective Akka, Akka Essentials, Lift Cookbook, Instant Lift Web Applications How-to, and Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure. The Scala Cookbook form O’Reilly is particularly good, a favourite of mine alongside Scala for the Impatient and Odersky & Co.’s Programming in Scala. As an aside be sure to follow the Scala subreddit: as traffic is starting to pick up and it is a great source of Scala news and discussion.

This brings the list of books published on Scala to at least 24 (roughly in order of preference):

  1. Scala for the Impatient perhaps the best book for learning Scala, many of the chapters available as a free sample from TypeSafe.
  2. Scala Cookbook An excellent resource covering a wide range of topics in Scala. Doubles as an excellent introduction to the language too.
  3. Programming in Scala Detailed coverage by Martin Odersky himself and Co-authors
  4. Learning Scala Available for pre-order.
  5. Scala in Action
  6. Functional Programming in Scala
  7. Testing in Scala Unit testing of Scala code, tools, libraries etc.
  8. Akka in Action detailed coverage of Akka with examples.
  9. Atomic Scala, first 100 pages available as a free PDF
  10. Play for Scala (covers version 2)
  11. Effective Akka A shorter book discussing best practices when using Akka
  12. Akka Essentials
  13. Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure
  14. Scala in Depth
  15. Programming Scala Scalability = Functional Programming + Objects (Animal Guide)
  16. Programming Scala Tackle Multi-Core Complexity on the Java Virtual Machine
  17. Actors in Scala
  18. Lift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala
  19. Lift Cookbook
  20. Instant Lift Web Applications How-to
  21. The Definitive Guide to Lift: A Scala-based Web Framework
  22. Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala (Textbook)
  23. Steps in Scala: An Introduction to Object-Functional Programming
  24. Beginning Scala

Not strictly a book, but there’s also some good documentation of Akka (including an ebook) on the Akka website:

If I’ve forgotten to include any new books on Scala be sure to comment about it in the comments section. Also, what is your favourite Scala book and why?